Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sorry bout the late new post...

Been awfully busy with work. Here are some more photos from Brisbane. When I get more photos from KL in the CD i'll put them up. There is a shot of the marquee where we had our dinner.

And here is the piece' de resistance....Carpetbag Steak...straight from Char Char Char's chefs. Medium Rare fillet with an oyster cooked inside the steak. More later. Dinner time.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

More later.

Here's one of me and Phuong. I hope our kids have her eyes. More later I promise.

Terrible drinks and hoops to jump.

This is the disgusting concoction...of raw egg, chilli oil, smelly tofu, fish sauce and god knows what else. And we had to drink it. Thanks to Derrick, Dan(Sherriffroot) and Greg (Akeys) for being my wingmen! Notice the facial expressions!

Wedding pics.

Alrighty then. Now that I've gotten that bit out of the are some wedding photos from Brisbane. I'll have the KL ones up later...

I've put them in chronological order, from picking the bride up, and drinking some weird arse concoction that Mai and Stephanie cooked up to the dinner.

Here is my lovely bride before all the fuss started and here's the limo and the groomsmen, with me in the car like the Mafia Don that I am.

I haven't worked out how to put more photos around so be patient.


I wonder if it will show up properly.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Inspired by's my alphabets, first things off my head. Wedding stuff later.

A - Arsenal
B - Bikinis
C- Coney Dog
D- Dennis Bergkamp
E- Essence of Sapphiron (Restrained)
F- Fois Gras'
G- G-strings...on women
H- Hotdogs (not to be confused with Coney Dogs)
I- Issey Miyake perfume
J- Jugs (of beer or of anatomy)
K- Klingon foreheads
L- London
M- Menage a trois
O- Obi-Wan Kenobi
P- Purple Epics
Q- Queen.....forever
R- Ridley Scott
S- Sausages (not to be confused with hotdogs)
T- Tanqueray gin
U- Useless random trivia facts
V- Vega
W- Winter
X- XYZ cafe
Z- Zebra pattern boxers that I own.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Imagination running bored


I'm waiting for the wife to be to come home to pick me up to go for dancing lessons. Yeah I'm learning the rhumba to dance in this picturesque setting that is our wedding.

And I've been surfing the net for the better part of the hour....visiting friends blogs and leaving my 2 cents and last words in.

And I've just realised...I've very few friends that I keep in touch with anymore. I've always said that there is one constant in my life, and when that changes...its time to take stock and look for more enlightened answers.

That constant is now broken. This chap has been going out with the same girl for a better part of 2 years now. Thats about........15 months too long for comfort.

Yup...that about nips it. Looking through my past compadre's rants and raves, I come across things like bills, kids, charities, PTA meetings, work, heartbreaks, nostalgia, lost and stolen cars, potluck recipes, bigger fridges, Christmas decorations yadda yadda yadda.

It was almost yesterday...I could almost still smell the stale smoke/alchohol drenched atmosphere of Wastelands and the "wapiak" of the foosball table. Where all concerned left daily affairs promptly at 5pm and got lost in the comforting darkness of companionship, nicotine, alchohol and verbal diaorrhea.

Its a darn shame that we have to grow up.

And I am complaining about waiting to go for dancing classes. And my good mate..the flamboyant, promiscuous one...has chosen NOT to come solo for my wedding night, but to bring his lovely girlfriend of 1.5 years along as his partner...VERY unlike him.

It wasn't that long ago too...

Monday, October 16, 2006

So an update, a rant and a start - all in one.


I've been chastised by a fellow member of the internet community that I cannot place 2 lines and hope for fluid progression of contemparary intellectual masturbation to take place in my domains....thus I will write a bit more.

I'm due to get married in 5 days. Yup. Tying the knot. It is a really extensive thing, planning a wedding. And expensive. This is the girl I've chosen to spend the rest of my life with. I'm not fazed or having cold feet, I sorta knew she's the one like 2 years ago. So we will, in the course of 2 weeks, consume enough Moet to make a grown person bubble (30 Magnums, I've been told). I think the cold feet bit will kick in in a few days. I mean....shit. No more options here.

And my sister is here!!!! And holy shit she can cook. She made some lovely risotto yesterday and linguini puttanesca that brought tears to my eyes.

I've also decided I want to return to Malaysia. I am begining to hate Australia and hate life here...people are so wooden, so plastic. There isn't enough rude and original persons on the street in Brisbane. Everyone is so monotonous and boring...and they can't spell to save their lives. I'm not sure however, that there is a job waiting for me in KL that pays as much. The lifestyle does appeal to me though...I could have a driver and a maid (the typical capitalist pig that I am) instead of taking cabs and washing toilets on the weekends like I do now.

It's a bit of a shame that so many of my friends are spread out across the world, from San Francisco to Korea, otherwise the wedding in Kuala Lumpur would be a real bash. Anyway, if any of you in these far flung locations manages to stumble on this....there will be pictures inc.

Gotta dash.